The Pride Law Firm Represents Peaceful Protesters Injured and Arrested During 2020 Events

Dante Pride Representing Peaceful Protesters Injured During 2020 Events
Dante Pride Representing Peaceful Protesters Injured During 2020 Events

The Pride Law Firm is actively representing peaceful protesters who were injured and had their rights violated by the police during protests held in 2020. 

On May 30th, eighteen-year-old Tyler Astorga was shot in the head by police with an impact projectile while driving his car. On the same day, Leslie Furcron, a peacefully protesting black grandmother, was shot in the forehead with a ballistic beanbag gun. Mr. Astorga received five staples in his head, while Ms. Furcron ended up in the ICU in a medically induced coma. 

Besides Astorga and Furcron, The Pride Law Firm is also representing twenty-year-old Shayla Piccini, who was controversially arrested after protesting peacefully in downtown San Diego. Claiming that she swung a cardboard sign at an officer, police placed her in handcuffs. Moments later, she was taken away in an unmarked vehicle by people in plain clothes. The family at the scene did not know where she was being taken or by whom until an hour later. The incident left Piccini traumatized and raised many questions about local police protocol.  

We call on San Diego law enforcement officers to accept responsibility for their dangerous and unconstitutional conduct. Law enforcement continues to apply excessive, militarized force, which, in many instances, constitutes a blatant violation of the law. For instance, the correct protocol for projectile weapons is not being followed. Beanbag bullets should only be used below the waist; however, we are seeing several instances of protesters being shot in the head, face, and other areas above the waist.

The Pride Law Firm calls for an outside investigation in the use of force of these recent incidents. We also urge the mayor, police chiefs, sheriffs, and lawmakers to: 

  • Review protocol for less-than-lethal weapons;
  • Reconsider whether such weapons should be used at all; and
  • Eliminate qualified immunity for officers, so that they can be sued for their illegal actions

We ask you to speak up and join our call for justice and protection of civil rights. Let your voice be heard! Justice will not be denied. 


“Officers are trained to aim less-lethal rounds below the waist. Shots above the chest, in the head, can be fatal.”
– Attorney Dante Pride

Read Dante Pride’s official letters regarding the peaceful protesters who were injured and are being represented by The Pride Law Firm:

Re: Tyler Astorga

Re: Leslie Furcron

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