In today’s legal market, all too often criminal defense attorneys live by the motto: “Bleed’em and plead’em.” This “motto” rings true with attorneys who have such a high caseload they are unable to take a personal interest in the specific facts of each case. Instead of meticulous analysis of each case, these attorneys simply group similar case strategies together, wait for payment, and then encourage their client to plead to whatever deal is being offered by the prosecutor. In fact, from the time the attorney agrees to take the case, until the time the client has to appear in court, clients often have trouble contacting their attorney and are left in the dark about their case.

At The Pride Law Firm we know that when someone hires an attorney, they are putting their trust and their future in the hands of a legal advocate. We return that trust by providing clients with personalized, zealous, and tenacious service that meets their individual needs. Being charged with a crime, whether in California state or federal court, is a serious matter. You face serious potential consequences including the loss of your freedom, the loss of your job or professional license, and the forfeiture of money and assets. When facing serious criminal allegations, you require a criminal defense attorney who is tenacious, dedicated, offers personal attention, and is prepared to fight against the status quo.

You will never be left in the dark about your case. Discuss your case with a lawyer at The Pride Law Firm, and feel confident about the direction of your case today.