The Pride Law Firm is dedicated to vindicating those who have had their civil rights violated.  Our firm was founded with the goal of using the legal system to fight for oppressed people. We believe that Black Lives Matter, that love is love, that Trans rights are human rights, and that everyone in America should be able to speak freely and worship as they please. If you have been harmed or discriminated against because of your race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality, or political beliefs, we want to fight for you.

We are currently active in the peaceful protest cases of Leslie Furcron, Tyler Astorga, and Shayla Piccini. These cases involve excessive use of police force as well as constitutional violations. Visit our press page to read more.


Police Brutality/Excessive Use of Force

While the police should serve our communities, unfortunately, many times law enforcement officers abuse their power. With more people capturing police abuse on camera, our nation is finally beginning to reckon with the disparate treatment of people of color by law enforcement. At the Pride Law Firm, we have long understood how widespread and serious the problem of police brutality/excessive use of force is, whether it is inspired by racial prejudice or not. We also recognize the large legal hurdles that can make it difficult for victims of police violence to obtain justice.

Even if a person has committed a crime, the police still must only use force where it is justified.  Unfortunately, we know that police frequently engage in overly aggressive tactics, hoping that their badge will protect them from accountability. At the Pride Law Firm, we want to hold every officer accountable for his or her actions. If a police officer has used excessive force against you or a loved one, please contact our office for a consultation.


Unlawful Arrests

Even one day in jail can cause irreparable financial harm and psychological trauma to a wrongfully arrested person. Even well-meaning police officers occasionally do sloppy work or make mistakes that lead to the imprisonment of an innocent person. This is sometimes mere negligence, or sometimes based on unconscious racial bias. The Pride Law Firm also knows that there are also some corrupt officers who intentionally arrest people without probable cause – even going so far as to fabricate evidence against them. But no matter what the officer’s excuse is, we know how damaging a wrongful arrest can be to your reputation, career, and relationships.

Our legal team is not afraid to go up against police departments or federal law enforcement agencies to make sure they are held responsible for their actions and do whatever is necessary to make up for the losses suffered by the wrongfully arrested. Contact us if you have been wrongfully arrested so that we can fight for you.


Free Speech, Protesters, and Rubber Bullet Injuries

Our country was founded on the belief that all citizens should have the right to speak truth to power. The Pride Law Firm supports the exercise of that constitutional right, whether it’s in the form of an Instagram post or a march in the streets. Recently, however, we have seen peaceful protesters being met with overly aggressive, militarized force from the police. Police are making meritless arrests and using extreme and dangerous methods such as tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and lead-projectile beanbag guns.

The Pride Law Firm opposes the use of rubber bullets and similar projectiles as a method for police to control crowds. While these weapons are supposed to be “less than lethal,” they in fact frequently lead to serious injuries, permanent disability, and death. Our firm currently represents Leslie Furcron, a La Mesa grandmother who went to the ICU for surgery as a result of being shot by the police with a lead-projectile bean bag gun, as well as other citizens who were harmed during peaceful protest. Please contact us if you were injured as a result of aggressive police crowd control tactics so that we can assist you.

Violent police actions against protesters are unjustified and unlawful, and the Pride Law Firm is here to stand up for those who have been silenced. If you have been injured by police or arrested while engaged in a peaceful demonstration, get in touch with our attorneys to discuss how we can help.