Elisenda Guerra-Delgado (pronouns: they/she) is the legal assistant and secretary at The Pride Law Firm. Elisenda joined The Pride Law Firm in 2019 after receiving their degree in Communication Studies from the University of San Diego. During their time at USD, they engaged heavily with the LGBTQ+ community and worked closely with student organizations to promote diversity and community engagement.


Elisenda is passionate about fighting against injustices that primarily impact people of color, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and low-income communities. When deciding what path to take post-grad, Elisenda knew they wanted to continue to advocate for others in whatever way possible. Working at The Pride Law Firm does just that and she greatly enjoys being able to help survivors of sexual assault on their healing journey.


Elisenda was born in San Diego in the Hillcrest neighborhood and grew up in Brawley, CA a small town two hours east of San Diego. After attending undergrad in San Diego, there is no way they can envision living anywhere else. They love painting, the beach, concerts, and spending time with their partners.